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    Greenlabelling is a practice where marketers label a product or service as “green” or sustainable.

    However, closer scrutiny might reveal that such claims are misleading or only partially true.

    This form of greenwashing is widespread, making it challenging for consumers and businesses to differentiate among the myriad of environmental labels and initiatives in the market.

    Many terms, such as “bio”, “natural”, “green”, and “eco-friendly”, are often ambiguously used, complicating the understanding of their genuine meaning and value.

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    ReMade in Italy

    Remade In Italy is the voluntary environmental product certification, born in Italy, to indicate the production of Italian products regenerated, repaired or renewed from waste materials or unused products, in order to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainability.

    Remade in Italy is therefore an example of Circular Economy, which promotes the rethinking of the traditional linear economic model, favoring instead the creation of a system in which reuse and recycling are considered an added value and not a cost.

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    The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-governmental organization that deals with the certification of sustainably managed forests.

    The FSC aims to promote responsible forest management at a global level, through the definition of standards and criteria for sustainable forest management and the award of certifications to those companies that comply with these standards.

    The FSC certification ensures that forest management is sustainable and responsible, respecting the rights of workers and local communities, protecting biodiversity and preventing deforestation.

    Companies that adopt the FSC certification can use the FSC mark on their products, indicating that they come from sustainably and responsibly managed forests.

    The FSC certification system provides for the adoption of standards for forest management, the traceability of raw materials and the chain of custody of forest products, in order to ensure that the final products are effectively produced in a sustainable way.

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    Environmental Product Declaration

    The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a product-related environmental labelling (according to UNI ISO 14025:2006).

    This label makes it possible to communicate objective, comparable and credible information about the environmental performance of products and services assessed according to the LCA analysis methodology.