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  • Certifications

    UNI EN ISO 14044:2006

    UNI EN ISO 14044:2006 is a standard that provides guidelines for the conduct of life cycle assessment (LCA) of products and services.

    This standard outlines the principles and framework for the implementation of an LCA, including goal setting, inventory analysis, impact assessment and interpretation of results.

    The purpose of this standard is to provide a coherent and transparent methodology for assessing the environmental impact of products and services throughout their life cycle.

  • Certifications

    UNI EN ISO 14040: 2006

    UNI EN ISO 14040:2006 is a European standard that specifies the principles and framework for the conduct of life cycle assessments (LCA) of products and services.

    It provides a systematic and comprehensive approach to assessing the environmental impacts of a product or service throughout its life cycle, from raw material extraction and production to distribution, use and disposal.

    The standard outlines four phases of the LCA process: goal and scope definition, inventory analysis, impact assessment and interpretation.

  • Circular Economy


    Creative Reuse (or Upcycling) is a practice that consists in transforming objects or waste materials into products of greater value and utility than their original state, with the aim of finding an alternative use to an object that can no longer meet its function for which it was created.

    Unlike recycling, which involves breaking down materials and transforming them into new products, upcycling aims to reuse existing objects in a creative and innovative way.

    Upcycling can be applied to different types of materials, including paper, plastic, textiles, metal and wood.

    An example of Creative Reuse can be the reuse of pallets for home or urban furniture.