By-products: drawing up sheets, qualification and user research

Sfridoo optimises the management and drafting of your by-products, helps you to obtain by-product status in compliance with environmental regulations and to enhance your production with a circular business network
  • Optimise your company’s operational process by reducing the risks that could arise from the incorrect management of your company’s By-Products and increase your profits by correctly qualifying your By-Product
  • Create the appropriate management system for the type of By-product (storage, transport, transfer)
  • Facilitates discussion with control bodies (ARPA, Province, NOE) based on verifiable elements
  • Structure management through the By-product Dossier, the By-product Contract and the Declaration of Conformity
  • Reach new recipients for your by-products, and new companies willing to contribute their material
  • Enter the Eco-innovation sector, which conceives waste as a resource and no longer as surplus and material to be discarded

Manage your By-products correctly

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    By-product Consulting

    With our by-product consulting, you can turn materials that are traditionally considered production waste into a resource. Through the drafting of by-product sheets, we ensure compliance with environmental regulations, simplify operational management, and promote eco-innovation practices.

    Our goal is to optimise business processes, reduce legal and environmental risks, and open new avenues of commercial valorisation, interpreting waste no longer as a burden, but as an opportunity.

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    Approach and methodology

    Our working philosophy is based on a fundamental principle: to offer comprehensive and customised support in the area of by-products to the company throughout the entire operational process.

    Each project phase is designed to initiate a tailor-made optimisation path for the company, calibrated to the specific needs and peculiarities that emerge during the preliminary analysis.


    For whom the service is

    Sfridoo’s By-Products consulting service is dedicated to companies of all sizes and structures.

    Within the service, companies will get support from Espertз on how to manage their By-products, creating dedicated documentation in line with the regulations.

    Sfridoo will also help you find the best business partner for the sale and purchase of By-products, valorising your production waste by diverting it from disposal.

    How by-product sheets work

    • PHASE 1

      Fact-finding meeting and preliminary analysis

      • Fact-finding meeting and request for previous technical commercial documentation
      • Process analysis and verification of the management system implemented by the company
      • Free document check-up
      • Control with supply chain actors
      • Strategy conception
    • PHASE 2

      Analysis of requirements and verification of conditions

      • Identification of requirements according to regulations
      • Drafting of Subproduct Sheet (Complete Technical Dossier)
      • Feasibility study and possible scenarios
      • Identification of suitable partner within the network
      • Verification of conditions for business relationship
      • Presentation of individual action plan
    • PHASE 3

      By-product qualification and valorisation

      • Declaration of conformity
      • Risk assessment cost and price analysis of by-products
      • Search for by-product users and establishment of the business relationship
      • Support in drafting contractual documentation
      • Project start-up and management
      • Management of the first logistics operation pilot and SAL verification

    Benefits of the by-product drafting service

    Improves management

    Create the management system (storage, transport, transfer) appropriate to the type of by-product you have.

    Comply with regulations

    Achieve total compliance with the requirements of the relevant regulations. Facilitate dialogue with control authorities and reduce exposure to administrative sanctions.

    Network and increased earnings

    Reach new audiences for your Subproducts, and new partner companies. Increase earnings by qualifying your Subproduct with valid supporting documentation.

    Case Studies

    The most virtuous case studies of companies that have obtained the benefits of the Subproduct Sheet Editing service

    • Case study Agroalimentare

      Individuazione sottoprodotti nell’industria agroalimentare

      Tramite il lavoro del team di Sfridoo, sono realizzate due schede tecniche relative a scarti alimentari, con lo scopo di ridurre la possibilità di contestazione della sussistenza dei requisiti di qualifica del Sottoprodotto.

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    Do you want to improve the management of your By-product sheets?

    With the Subproduct Sheet Editing service, you get the tools
    to build your management and evidence system,
    reaping competitive, economic, environmental and notoriety benefits