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Give Value
to your Scrap

Make Business your Secondary Raw Material, Scrap or Leftover materials with Sfridoo® thanks to the Circular Economy


Circular Economy for your Business

Sfridoo helps companies to take the first step towards circular economy models, thanks to consultancy and targeted training designed to meet the needs of the company, achieving sustainable results with services with a high eco-innovative solution
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“The egg of Columbus” Il Resto del Carlino
“A brilliant idea” Emilia-Romagna region environment section
“Sfridoo puts companies in a network to generate the reuse and recycling market” Rai Radio 3
“A real tailor-made consulting service in line with the principles of the circular economy” StartupItalia

who we are

The Startup of the Circular Economy

The innovative company was founded in Bologna in 2017 by a simple intuition of the three young founding members: how to reuse all company waste materials to generate new raw materials? The answer is Sfridoo, the startup that comes from the Italian technical term "sfrido"
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The Circular Economy Marketplace

The first Italian online platform for the purchase of waste material is called Sfridoo. The burden of a company becomes a resource for another, according to the principles of Circular Economy. Stock surpluses, secondary raw materials, by-products and leftovers are the raw materials of the future can only be found in the Circular Economy Marketplace
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Create your own corporate virtual warehouse

Enter company stock surpluses or create a private internal company marketplace, share and meet businesses, individuals, interested in buying

Receive offers for your product

Thanks to the market service and geolocation of the material, you receive offers dedicated to your warehouse surpluses, in complete safety and privacy

Sell ​​your leftovers and respect the environment

With Sfridoo's Marketplace enter your company in the circular economy network, aiming at corporate responsibility, respecting the environment and the territory
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Do you want to find out how to earn or save from your scrap?

Today with Sfridoo®you can enhance your residual production, drawing fiscal and environmental benefits, towards a CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility - of value. Even your company, with Sfridoo, becomes part of the Circular Economy.

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