Turn waste into value

Sfridoo helps companies maximise the value of waste, scrap, by-products and secondary materials, following the principles of the Circular Economy

  • +70 millions

    kilograms of resources available on Sfridoo

  • +5 millions

    euro savings for network companies

  • +12.500

    tonnes per year of waste diverted from landfill

  • +2.400

    companies that are part of the network

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How it works

  • Free listing

    Enter your waste into Sfridoo® for free and make the most of your production waste by giving it back a value you thought was lost

  • Receive offers and support

    Receive support and offers according to your needs from the Sfridoo expert team and start selling waste, scrap, by-products and secondary materials

  • Join the network

    Create business agreements and contribute to the networking of circular enterprises that invest in environmental sustainability and industrial symbiosis

Zero your business waste costs

Sfridoo is the platform where companies meet to buy industrial waste, by-product, secondary raw material and leftovers, gaining economic and environmental benefits.

  • Earn or save from buying and selling waste
  • Gain a strong competitive advantage over your competitors
  • Find partners to achieve your sustainability goals
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Is Sfridoo® the right solution for your company?

Are you a production or service company? Or a waste management company?

Find out how, thanks to Sfridoo, you get the most value from your waste, by embarking on a valorisation path in line with your needs.

  • For product companies

    Save or earn money from your production waste by finding new business partners.

    The Sfridoo team will support you in all phases (technical-regulatory, commercial and management), leading your company to efficiently and concretely apply the principles of the Circular Economy.
  • For service companies

    Enhance the value of your business electrical and electronic devices by certifiably eliminating critical data.

    The Sfridoo team will evaluate the best solution to manage your devices in a sustainable way by generating new value from the equipment you no longer use.
  • For waste management companies

    Optimise your material and customer management by finding new resources and strategic partnerships.

    The Sfridoo team will help you to find new customers for your recovery and recycling production cycle, and to access a network of thousands of companies.

Here are the success stories of the network companies


    • rai radio 3

    The matchmaking platform dedicated to corporate waste

    Enter into Sfridoo and create your own resource inventory in just a few steps.

    Enter waste, production waste, by-products, secondary materials or leftovers and get commercial offers from other companies in the network.

    The Sfridoo team will always be at your disposal with dedicated assistance at all stages.


    Materials on Sfridoo

    • Metals and scrap

    • Plastics

    • Paper & Cardboard

    • construction materials

      Construction materials

    • Textile

    • Wood

    • rifiuti sostanze chimiche


    • Cosmetics

    A team of experts dedicated
    to your business

    Join the Sfridoo network: a resource manager will identify and collect valorisation opportunities for you, signalling new business opportunities and managing the technical and regulatory aspects of waste.

    Every contact with the resource manager of reference will be notified to you by email or telephone, so that you can manage your pool of resources and requests from wherever you want.


    Valorise corporate waste and scrap through the Circular Economy

    With Sfridoo® you get the maximum residual value from your waste, benefiting economic, fiscal and environmental benefits, thanks to the principles of the Circular Economy and collaboration with other companies in the network