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Turn your waste
into value

With Sfridoo® make business out of your company waste by accessing the Circular Economy network


40% increase in disposal costs

Over the last two years, the average increase in waste disposal costs has been around 40% for manufacturing and service companies (source: REF Research Laboratory report). This leads to a difficult business challenge to find efficient and innovative solutions.

Sfridoo was born from this need: to help producers and service companies in obtaining the maximum value from production residues, assets and leftovers.

Earn money from business waste

Unlike waste brokers and environmental managers, with Sfridoo® you make the most of your production waste, giving them back a value that you thought was completely lost.

Earn money from corporate assets

Unlike waste brokers and environmental managers, with Sfridoo® you intercept the hidden value of PCs, smartphones, laptops, but also machinery and corporate assets no longer useful to your business.

Use Sfridoo® solutions

Unlike software designed for environmental managers, with Sfridoo® you get platforms designed for the economic and environmental benefits of your company that produces waste.
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Zero waste and assets costs with Sfridoo

Sfridoo® is not just a digital network, but clear and concrete advantages for your business:

 Eliminate disposal costs, thanks to the network of companies ready to buy your waste and your business assets

 Get a huge competitive advantage by standing out and increasing your profit margins on products

 Earn from your scrap by keeping your entire business under control: from raw materials to scrap

 Make money from your assets and leftovers by getting maximum economic and reuse value

 Confer in an intelligent way your residues, waste and company assets

  In addition, you respect the environment and join the network of companies in the Circular Economy

Do you want to give value to company waste and assets by earning money?

With Sfridoo® today you can capture the residual value of waste and assets, gaining economic, fiscal and environmental benefits, towards a CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility - of value. Your company, with Sfridoo®, becomes part of the Circular Economy.

Digital products for the Circular Economy

The solutions offered by Sfridoo® help your production or service company to make simple operations on waste and leftovers, to take the first steps towards a concrete digital Circular Economy.
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Circular Economy for Business

Sfridoo® helps companies to take the first step towards models of Circular Economy, thanks to innovative services tailored to business needs, achieving concrete results, sustainable and high eco-innovative value
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Circular Economy reads Sfridoo

Sfridoo is the award-winning Circular Economy company that helps businesses transition to circular economy models. Born in 2017 from an insight of the three founding partners, it derives from the Italian technical term "sfrido".
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