How it works

Find out how to buy and sell waste, by-products, secondary materials and leftovers on Sfridoo

1st STEP

Enter your company waste for free

  • Enter company waste, production waste, by-products, secondary materials and leftover stock.
  • Create a free inventory of company assets and start earning and saving on the waste component.
  • Request the advanced Sfridoo Pro services to receive full support from experienced Sfridoo technicians.
2nd STEP

Receive offers, find new partners

  • Find qualified companies to whom you can sell and/or buy production waste.
  • Receive offers from environmental service providers or end users of the material.
  • Get technical, regulatory and commercial support from the Waste team.
3rd STEP

Join the circular companies network

  • Contribute to the networking of virtuous companies.
  • Find out how you can achieve great benefits through the Circular Economy and Industrial Symbiosis.
  • Help Sfridoo generate the market for secondary materials.


Benefits of companies using Sfridoo

Save from business waste

Find out how to value your waste, transforming it from a cost component into a business gain

Expand your network

Connect with others to create business links through the application of Circular Economy principles

Get customised support

Rely on the technical and regulatory expertise of the Sfridoo team to make the most of your production waste

A team of experts dedicated to your business

Join the Sfridoo network: a resource manager will identify and collect valorisation opportunities for you, signalling new business opportunities and managing the technical and regulatory aspects of waste.

Every contact with the resource manager will be notified to you by email or phone, so you can manage your resource pool and requests from wherever you want.

Valorise waste and scrap through the Circular Economy