Join the Circular Economy talent team

With Sfridoo we investigate the area of Circular Economy and Industrial Symbiosis to achieve new standards of resource reuse and recovery. Sfridoo's commitment is to eliminate the concept of Waste and bring it to the idea of Resource. Are you also passionate about Circular Economy issues applied to the corporate special waste sector? Join the team of talents that Sfridoo wants to enhance

Sfridoo is looking for talent with:

  • A strong aptitude for cooperation on issues of Circular Economy and Industrial Symbiosis.
  • High problem solving skills and involvement of stakeholders and partners.
  • A willingness to support companies within Circular Economy projects related to industrial waste.
  • The passion to be part of a talented and multidisciplinary team that believes in the principles and models of the Circular Economy

Join the Sfridoo team

Propose your skills and desire to revolutionise the waste market

    The Sfridoo values

    Sfridoo bases its work on a strong corporate culture, consisting of principles and values that it implements among the people working internally on its eco-innovation processes and with external stakeholders

    Meet the team
    • Sustainability

      Every action and effort undertaken by Sfridoo is directed towards the Sustainability of operations and the application of Circular Economy principles. Sfridoo is committed to making Sustainability a reality in companies and in its own organisation.
    • Excellence

      Sfridoo strives for maximum results, pursuing the 'win-win' concept. The focus on the performance of its actions refers to the principles of the Circular Economy.
    • Innovation

      Sfridoo and its team are a concentrate of talent, creativity with a focus on Industrial Symbiosis issues. Training, new skills, know-how, contamination are the greatest resources to make Sfridoo's services always cutting-edge for its customers and innovative.
    • Experimentation

      Sfridoo has characteristics typical of the manufacturing and industrial sector. A pragmatic and operational character, oriented in grounding concepts that are now scientific theory. The mission is to bring the Circular Economy into companies by following a lean approach to validate initial hypotheses.