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Turn into value your production waste, eliminating disposal costs

With Sfridoo® make business of your production waste, eliminating the costs derived from waste management

Earn money today from your production waste, eliminating disposal costs

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    turning into value

    Convert your waste into business with the Circular Economy

    Unlike waste intermediaries and environmental managers, Sfridoo® maximizes the value of your production waste, giving them a value that you thought was completely lost.

    Give your waste in an intelligent way to optimize the correct valorization, finding the company that will buy your waste

    Gain a huge competitive advantage by setting yourself apart from the competition by increasing your profit margins on products

    Eliminate disposal costs and bureaucratic waste management by treating your waste as a by-product

    Earn money from your waste by controlling the entire supply chain of your product

      Respect the environment and join the network of Circular Economy companies.


    What is a By-product?

    How does the service work?

    What is a By-product?

    Under Italian law, the concept of by-product is identified by art. 184-bis of Legislative Decree 152/06 as amended:

      The purpose of its production must not be the production of the by-product itself

      The intended use of the identified substance or object must be certain

      The use must be in accordance with normal industrial practice

      The use is legal if it does not result in adverse impacts on the environment and human health

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    How does the service work?

    Unlike the disposal of business waste, the search for an alternative way for what is not yet a waste, allows you to understand the real value of the residue produced and use it as a side business.

    By-product and residue valorisation research is one of the most extraordinary and strategic tools to compete in an ever-changing market. It is fundamental to save on the waste component and reduce the administrative burden for forms, loading and unloading registers and MUD at the end of the year.

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    Advantages for the company with the valorization project


    No waste or inefficiency in the use of resources

    Eliminate disposal costs, your by-product does not fall under waste obligations

    Gain from your residue, your by-product can be valorized by companies ready to purchase it

    Forms and Records will no longer be a problem your waste will be treated as an asset, so it will enjoy ordinary administration

    Manage the transport of your by-product with ordinary carriers that do not require waste transport authorizations

    Talking about Sfridoo®

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    real case study #2

    Case study - 101% saving on production waste

    The project entrusted to Sfridoo® involved the valorization of a particular waste of the production process resulting from roasting activities, by a company in the Emilia Romagna region. The aim of the company was to verify the possibility of valorization of this waste, evaluating the market and proceeding with the sale of the residue.

    During the valorization project, Sfridoo has provided in the initial phase of chemical and market analysis, as well as investigating the different product chains to identify a number of companies ready to purchase the waste as raw material. Once the correct commercial partner has been identified, Sfridoo® has managed the whole pilot phase of the initiative, both from the logistic point of view and the identification of the correct way to ship the waste, supporting the company in the preparation of all the documentation required by the regulations (D.M. 264/16 – art.184 bis TUA D.Lgs. 152/06). Finally, the company was issued with a specification for the correct management of the residue.


    What’s the results?

    Thanks to the complete valorization service, the company has optimized its production process as well as reducing all disposal, administrative and waste management costs (registers, forms and MUD were no longer prepared for the residue under analysis).

    The difference between costs and revenues of the operation has allowed the company to generate a general saving of 101%, making its business even more profitable, with an eye to the reductions in environmental impact that the project has generated.

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    real case study #11

    Case study - € 100,000 savings on metal sand

    Sfridoo® was contacted by an important company operating in the field of precision mechanics with the need to find a way to valorize a waste that the company believed could receive new life in other production activities. The cost of disposal was, in this case, particularly important due to the quantities generated and the 30% increase in disposal prices each year. These costs included both direct costs for disposal and transport with authorized carriers and for the bureaucratic and administrative management of operations.

    Overhead costs for the company in excess of 100,000 Euros were calculated.

    The operation and research conducted by Sfridoo® differs from the classic environmental consulting: Stop the word Waste. Opting to manage the residue as by-product and following the strictest standards required by the regulations, the material has been purchased from companies in the counterweight sector of the elevators, as it is a product with characteristics similar to the raw material usually purchased by companies in the supply chain. The client company has thus obtained, after a good negotiation, a total saving on disposal costs and a further gain for the sale.


    What’s the results?

    The customer was able to transform a pure cost into a net gain. Zeroing the 100,000 Euro of expenses and selling the product

    The customer, entrusting Sfridoo with the complete project, found himself with: collection, analysis, evaluations, surveys, research of interested companies and delivery, already done.

    Do you want to enhance the value of your waste and production residues?

    With Sfridoo® today you can valorize your production waste, gaining competitive, economic and environmental benefits, towards a CSR of value. Also your company, with Sfridoo®, becomes part of the Circular Economy

    What do you get with Sfridoo?

      A first free consultancy that will help you to understand what is the best way to manage your electrical and electronic devices on which your company is currently spending significant amounts with its’ disposal or maintenance.

      A complete service, made with professionalism, care, passion and support of a team with proven experience in the field of Circular Economy

     Support during the entire material sorting phase, evaluation and subsequent quotation of all equipment

      Complete operation management – including the certified data wiping and the sustainability reporting for the service aimed at the re-use of the items, avoiding waste of energy and value