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Circular Economy Business Training
Circular Economy Training for Businesses

The first complete course on Circular Economy held by Sfridoo’s team. Consisting of modular sections, the training program responds to the need to explore current issues and brings a high innovative value

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Plastic-free Guide and Certification for companies

With the first Italian Plastic-free certification of Sfridoo, you give concrete form to and communicate to your stakeholders your corporate responsibility in reducing the environmental impact of disposable plastics.

Corporate marketplace for asset management

With Sfridoo Surplus Management Marketplace, the company is supplied with a private digital white-label tool for the management of assets and surplus stock, with the possibility of sharing ads in our public platform at Sfridoo Marketplace

Do you want to find out how to earn or save from your waste?

Today with Sfridoo®you can give value to your waste and gain financial and environmental benefits, as well as giving your CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility - value. Even your company, with Sfridoo's help, can become a part of the Circular Economy
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The opportunity of the Circular Economy

Small, medium and big businesses have all already used the services of Sfridoo. The time has come for your company to take advantage of the Circular Economy too, by respecting the environment and optimizing your business
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