Zero waste disposal costs of confectionery productsir

A major company in the food sector, falling within the confectionery macrocategory, has valorised its confectionery production residues in the feed chain. The company, which specialises in the production of snack cakes, wanted to integrate the principles of the circular economy into its business model.

The company’s aim was to verify the possibility of valorising its organic waste by evaluating the market and sales opportunities, instead of continuing to manage it as waste with high management costs.

What were the results obtained?

  1. With the support of Sfridoo’s team of experts, the company was able to allocate its its confectionery production residues to the production of animal feed.

  2. The company was able to classify its waste as an ex-food product, consequently eliminating its organic waste production on the annual accounts.

  3. Thanks to Sfridoo®, the company optimised its production process by completely cutting its disposal costs. It has also drastically reduced administrative and waste management costs.

  4. The difference between the costs and revenues of the operation allowed the company to reduce its disposal costs to zero, making its business even more profitable and obtaining a new raw material for other processes, rather than disposal.

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