Saving 62% on organic scrap from fruit and vegetable production

A major fruit and vegetable production company requested Sfridoo’s support for the valorisation of its production scrap and managed to use it for energy production.

The company’s aim was to check the possibility of valorising its organic scrap by evaluating the market and sales opportunities, instead of keep on managing it as waste with high management costs.

Results obtained from the valorisation of organic scrap

  1. Thanks to Sfridoo’s technicians activities, the company was able to use its fruit and vegetable scrap for biogas production.
  2. The company was able to classify its waste as a by-product, thus eliminating its organic scraps production on the annual accounts.
  3. With the support of Sfridoo’s team of experts, the company optimised its production process and was able to obtain revenue from the sale of organic waste and significant cost savings.
  4. The difference between the operation’s costs and revenues allowed the company to generate an economic saving of 62%, making its business even more profitable and reducing its economic and environmental impact.

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