Circular E-service

With Sfridoo's Circular E-Service, you valorise your unused electronic devices such as PCs, smartphones, tablets, household appliances, zeroing the costs of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) management
  • Make money from devices that are no longer useful to you and are now tied up capital in your warehouses
  • Eliminate disposal and bureaucratic waste management costs by treating your devices as EEE
  • Ensure data destruction with certified erasure, according to GDPR
  • Sort your devices, essential for a complete view of your assets
  • Respect the environment and join the Circular Economy company network

Make money from your corporate electronic devices

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    What are EEE?

    Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) are devices that depend, for proper functioning, on electric currents or electromagnetic fields and the equipment for generating, transferring and measuring these currents and fields.

    EEE is designed to be used with a voltage not exceeding 1000 volts for alternating current and 1500 volts for direct current.

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    Which product categories are considered EEE?

    The following devices fall into this category: temperature exchange equipment, screens, monitors and apparatus for reproducing sound or images, lamps and chandeliers, household appliances, PCs, laptops, tablets, toys, monitoring instruments, vending machines, power generation equipment, computer and telecommunications equipment.

    For whomis the service

    The Circular E-service is the service for companies (SMEs and large corporations) that are looking for the right partner to whom they can entrust the complete management of their EEE, valorising them thanks to the principles of the Circular Economy, thus considerably reducing the costs related to the disposal of these devices.

    How It Works

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    • PHASE 1

      Context analysis

      • First cognitive meeting
      • Request for technical company documentation on electronic devices
      • Status analysis of WEEE management
      • Definition of actions on the basis of expeditious analysis
      • Prioritisation of activities
    • PHASE 2

      Identifying solutions

      • Identifying the best solutions
      • Identifying cross-supply chain technologies
      • Market and end-user research in the Sfridoo database
      • ROI calculation and cost assumptions for alternative solutions
    • PHASE 3

      Operation Management

      • Identifying new destinations
      • Support for the integration of new technologies
      • Regulatory and logistical support
      • Support in the creation of the WEEE management model
      • Certified deletion of company data

    Benefits of Circular

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    Sustainability Report

    Report in your Sustainability Report the decrease in carbon dioxide emissions resulting from the valorisation of EEE.

    Circular Economy Network

    Become part of the Circular Economy by right, together with a group of innovative and circulating companies, thus increasing the Green Reputation of your brand.

    Economic Gain

    Enhance and profit from your devices, turning your technology assets into a resource with which to make important business savings.

    Case Studies

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    The most virtuous case studies of companies that have reaped the benefits of Circular E-service

    • Case study Servizi

      Guadagno di 15.000€ su dispositivi elettrici da dismettere ma ancora utilizzabili

      Un’azienda leader del settore dell’abbigliamento nutriva la necessità di ottenere e scoprire il massimo valore economico di un’intero magazzino di proprietà situato nella provincia di Milano.

      Intenzione dell’azienda, non conoscendo il vero valore del magazzino, era quello di dismettere oggetti ancora funzionanti e riutilizzabili.

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    • Case study GDO

      Valorizzato un bilico di dispositivi elettrici per un’azienda leader della GDO

      Nel settore della GDO (Grande Distribuzione Organizzata) il team di Sfridoo ha supportato un’azienda leader a valorizzare dispositivi elettronici inutilizzati. Nello specifico si trattava di dispositivi elettronici ancora in buono stato, non correttamente gestiti dall’azienda e riutilizzabili.

    • Case study Servizi

      Portati a valore dispositivi elettronici rigenerati per un’azienda corporate nel settore digital

      Il team di Sfridoo ha aiutato un’importante corporate nel settore digital a rigenerare dei dispositivi elettronici ancora in ottimo stato, ma non più utili all’azienda. Nello specifico ha valutato e valorizzato ventiquattro pallet di dispositivi elettronici, pari a 10.000 apparecchiature tra smartphone e laptop.

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    Do you want to enhance your company's electrical and electronic devices?

    With the Circular E-service from Sfridoo you value your electronic devices such as PCs, smartphones, tablets, household appliances, zeroing the costs of waste management

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