Create value from companies electrical and electronic devices

Create value from your company's electrical and electronic devices

With Sfridoo®, your electronic devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and appliances, can become a business by eliminating the costs of waste management

Earn money today from your company's electrical and electronic devices

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Convert your electrical and electronic devices into business with Circular Economy

Unlike waste intermediaries and environmental managers who treat WEEE (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment), or brokers who take back a single type of object, Sfridoo maximizes the economic return of electrical and electronic devices at the end of their life, creating an economic and environmental value that you thought was no longer possible.

 Earn money from devices that are no longer useful to you and that today are a fixed asset in your warehouses

Get rid of waste disposal and bureaucratic management costs by treating your devices as EEE

Ensure data destruction with Sfridoo’s certified data wiping service, according to the GDPR

 Sort all devices with Sfridoo, an essential task for a complete view of the assets

Respect the environment and join a network of Circular Economy companies


What is EEE?

How does it work?


What is EEE?

According to the Italian legislation, the definition of EEE – Electrical and Electronic Equipment – is described by Legislative Decree 49/2014. EEE, not waste, is every

  Devices for temperature exchange

 Screens, monitors and equipment for reproducing sound or images

  Lamps and chandeliers

  Consumer appliances, household appliances, computers, laptops, tablets, toys, monitoring instruments, vending machines, power generation equipment

  IT and telecommunications equipment

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Earn money from your electronic devices

The common end of most AEE is their disposal. However, there are better solutions that allow you to gain from these, no longer used, assets. Your AEE doesn’t have to be a waste, they can become a side business.

The devices are valued and collected from the company’s warehouse where they are stored. The age of the objects and their wear and tear are checked and then reconditioned or sent to secondary markets to find new uses. 

Thanks to the experience of Sfridoo’s technicians in the field of re-utilization and Circular Economy, your devices will find the maximum valorization, at the best conditions of the market, with a unique and complete service. 

Sfridoo can understand which devices are still valuable, to find the best buyer for it. For those items, we can avoid the disposal procedure by selling it and bringing a monetary gain to your company.


Certified Data Wiping

Sfridoo, in addition to the sorting, evaluation, logistics and purchase of your electrical and electronic devices, offers the service of certified data wiping of your company’s data.

Unlike large international brokers who only handle certain devices, Sfridoo offers the certified service of data wiping according to GDPR. In this way, your company don’t have to worry about extracting hard disks, SSDs and data memories.

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Benefits of the ‘turning into value’ project


No waste and inefficiency thanks to the reuse of components and devices

Eliminate disposal costs. Your devices that are no longer useful will not be disposed of but reused

Earn money from your devices. Your technological assets become a resource with which increase cost savings

Forms and records will no longer be a problem, your devices, if in good condition, will remain an asset

Report the decrease in carbon dioxide emissions in your Sustainability Report (a refurbished product typically has a 60% CO2 savings)

Join the Circular Economy, together with a group of innovative companies, increasing your green reputation

Talking about us

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Case study - gain on devices of €15,000

The service provided by Sfridoo, to an important company in the sportswear sector, has provided maximum exploitation of an entire warehouse located in the province of Milan. The company has entrusted Sfridoo with the sorting of all its electronic devices (approximately 3,000 units) that have been inventoried according to company standards. Subsequently, the EEE devices were evaluated both on a qualitative basis (detecting breakages and relative wear and tear) and on a functional level by verifying their functioning and performance.

The qualitative evaluation phase was followed by a report that brought the quality rating of each device (which can be traced back to A, B, C, D or “invaluable”). Finally, Sfridoo made the quotation of the lot, the collection of the material and the certified data wiping.


What’s the result?

The inventory and the subsequent evaluation phase allowed the company to receive a targeted quotation on the devices, eliminating inventory management costs, freeing up useful space and leaving the company available for activities more relevant to the core business.

The operation has generated +€15,000 in revenue for the company, allowing it to make their business even more profitable and also showed reductions in environmental impact that the project has generated.

Do you want to turn into value your company's electrical and electronic devices?

With Sfridoo® you can create value from your electrical and electronic devices, obtaining economic and environmental benefits in the direction of CSR. With Sfridoo, your company becomes part of the Circular Economy

What do you get with Sfridoo?

  A first free consultancy that will help you to understand what is the best way to manage your electrical and electronic devices on which your company is currently spending significant amounts with its’ disposal or maintenance.

  A complete service, made with professionalism, care, passion and support of a team with proven experience in the field of Circular Economy

 Support during the entire material sorting phase, evaluation and subsequent quotation of all equipment

  Complete operation management – including the certified data wiping and the sustainability reporting for the service aimed at the re-use of the items, avoiding waste of energy and value