marketplace aziendale gestione cespiti e avanzi di magazzino

Riusoo, the marketplace for reuse

With Riusoo you get your own corporate marketplace for the Circular Economy. A place where all company resources contribute to the internal reuse of assets and equipment.

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    digital innovation

    Digital software for your company in the name of Circular Economy

    The digital software solutions designed by Sfridoo are the result of tests and continuous comparisons with companies and stakeholders. The only mantra: to respect the principles of Circular Economy. The solutions are born from the experience of Sfridoo team in the management of digital products in the field of Circular Economy, Surplus and Asset management. What are the benefits of adopting the Riusoo platform for your company?

     Recover the lost value of disused or idle assets and stockpiles

     Keep track of company equipment without complicated charts or offline systems

    Buy, sell, donate and reuse all of your company’s assets, not wasting their economic value and extending their lifecycle

     Generate data on your qualifying assets and keep up-to-date on the maintenance and characteristics of your inventory

     Unlock the economic potential of company assets, equipment and leftover inventory

     Communicate and support your company’s commitment to CO2 reduction and sustainability policies


    How does Riusoo work?
    Use cases

    sfridoo surplus management marketplace
    surplus management

    Riusoo, the enterprise marketplace for assets and surplus inventory

    Riusoo™, connects all of your company’s resources to share assets, assets, leftover inventory and items that can still be used in your business. Riusoo™ is your internal software always available in the Cloud where all your employees participate in the internal Circular network. Create announcements, identify resource roles, and better manage your private marketplace.

    Does your company want to get rid of assets or materials no longer useful to the business? With the software solution of Sfridoo you can create your internal network and check if these objects can still be useful in different departments or local units, generating saving opportunities that you would have never considered.

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    marketplace aziendale gestione cespiti e avanzi di magazzino

    Benefits of your internal Marketplace to reuse assets and leftovers

    Riusoo™ software resides on a secure cloud server. Access to the system, in addition to being discriminated against by username and password, guarantees a hierarchy of permissions that can be configured to give access to modules and specific functions.

    Saves thousands of euros on assets and items the company no longer remembers

     Unlocks the potential of assets, rediscovering their true value

     Increases the collaboration of all company resources

    Engage all resources through a dedicated gamification system

     Keep track of assets without complicated tables or systems

     Find interested companies with the non-profit and enterprise network

    Available on all devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones


    One place for all assets

    Riusoo makes it easy to track the condition of your assets with standardized management that’s accessible to your entire business team. You can also:

    • Share assets and company equipment internally across business units
    • Donate and sell assets externally to nonprofits and other enrolled businesses
    • Have the entire team participate in equipment reuse and save in new purchases.

    One place to communicate with everyone

    Your employees have brilliant ideas. Riusoo gives everyone a chance to express themselves to help you get the most out of your business inventory.

    • Connect all business teams by managing all communications in Riusoo.
    • Send messages to users directly about posts, offers or anything else.
    • Comment on a resource by asking a question that will be publicly displayed.
    • Stay up to date with our in-app notifications.

    Get accurate reports on assets

    Riusoo is simple and intuitive. It allows management to track progress, set goals, achieve savings and environmental benefits.

    • Process and share data quickly for greater transparency and detail.
    • Track all information and generate reports on selected KPIs.
    • Make informed decisions by analyzing marketplace usage and performance.

    Riusoo™ use cases

    With Riusoo you find the right buyer for those assets, no longer useful for your business, but essential for other company resources or other organizations

    • Large groups that want to save money and check out all the scattered and forgotten equipment, getting maximum value
    • Companies that need to take new inventories for a relocation, disposal or donation of assets to organizations
    • Non-profit associations that want to find free usable items in excellent condition, extending their life cycle
    • Micro-businesses that want to find and share their leftover inventory or use it to create design objects
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    Riusoo™ a network at your disposal

    Are you going to enhance the value of leftovers and business assets that have no longer found a use in your departments? Do not dispose of them. Thanks to the integration of an external network of companies, associations and organizations you can find the right buyer for those assets, leftovers and assets, no longer useful to your business, but essential for other realities.

    Share the assets that you don’t use anymore in the network and in 1 click make public your announcement in the network of companies and non-profit that you select.

    Manage the sale of the asset or ask support to Sfridoo staff to proceed with the negotiation

    Donate the asset within a virtuous network of institutions, associations and non-profit organizations

    Talking about Sfridoo

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    Enhance the value of corporate assets today with a private system and a network of virtuous companies

    With Riusoo today you can monitor your company assets and leftovers, gaining economic and environmental benefits, towards a CSR of value. Even your company, with Sfridoo, becomes part of the Circular Economy.

    What do you get with Sfridoo?

      A first free consultancy that will help you to understand what is the best way to manage your electrical and electronic devices on which your company is currently spending significant amounts with its’ disposal or maintenance.

      A complete service, made with professionalism, care, passion and support of a team with proven experience in the field of Circular Economy

     Support during the entire material sorting phase, evaluation and subsequent quotation of all equipment

      Complete operation management – including the certified data wiping and the sustainability reporting for the service aimed at the re-use of the items, avoiding waste of energy and value