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14 October 2019

Circular economy and Blockchain for the international traceability of waste

According to a study conducted by Sfridoo, the accelerated startup at Aster – Emilia-Romagna Region, focused on circular economy themes, and MetaRing, a startup also included in the Bologna accelerator, which realizes high-profile IT solutions, the current situation could change radically. Merit of the technological innovation that today is on everyone’s lips, Blockchain: an innovative protocol that comes […]

10 libri economia circolare libreria sfridoo
14 October 2019

10 books on the Circular Economy you can’t miss

Index What is the Circular Economy Circular Economy. From Waste to Resource – P. Lacy, J. Rutqvist e B. Lamonica, Ed. Egea A world without Trash? A trip through the Circular Economy? – A. Massarutto, Ed. il Mulino The Donut Economy – K. Raworth, Ed. Ambiente Fresh Materials in the Circular Economy- A. Pellizzari, E. […]