Zeroing disposal costs on company assets

A multinational company in the IT sector in the Bologna area entrusted Sfridoo® with the sorting and management of assets and leftover stock, i.e. materials no longer used but stored in optimal conditions for remarketing.

The Sfridoo team identified more than about 500 items for disposal of company assets. It then coordinated their inventory management according to second-hand market standards and resale. Specifically, these included company desks, chairs, screens, cabinets, shelving and other assets.

What were the results achieved by the company’s asset management?

  1. The inventory and subsequent valuation phase allowed the company to receive a targeted quotation on the assets. That ereased company inventory management costs and device disposal. In addition, the activity freed up useful space, leaving it available for assets more inherent to the company’s core business.
  2. The operation generated savings for the company, both in economic terms and in terms of environmental impact. It has also made the business even more profitable by avoiding the disposal of reusable items and their associated costs. Indeed it allocated them to the remarketing of company assets.

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