Circular Resource Passport

With the Circular Resource Passport you get assistance on the sale of company waste and resources detailed and verified by Sfridoo technicians to increase valorisation opportunities
  • Eliminate or reduce disposal and bureaucratic waste management costs by treating your residue as a resource.
  • Confer your residue in a smart way to optimise proper valorisation by finding the company that will buy your waste.
  • Comply with current regulations with Sfridoo’s technical experts, following the latest regulatory updates.
  • Gain a huge competitive advantage by distinguishing yourself from the competition and increasing your margins.

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    What is the Circular Resource Passport?

    The Circular Resource Passport is the dedicated support service for companies that focuses on identifying a detailed and customised waste profile according to their needs.

    Relying on the service you can in peace of mind have your waste data digitally accessible to the network of Circular Economy companies.

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    Benefits for the company with the Circular Resource Passport

    Thanks to this service, the company obtains specific mapping and reporting on the analysis carried out by Sfridoo’s technicians.

    A benchmark where areas for improvement and opportunities on residues are identified.

    • No waste and inefficiency in the use of resources
    • Save on business waste management
    • Sell waste directly to the end user

    For whom is the service

    The Circular Resource Passport is dedicated to companies, from SMEs to large corporate groups, that find the management of their waste difficult and not very optimised.

    In fact, the aim of the service is to accompany companies in the identification of a complete profile of their waste, placing it within Sfridoo’s network of circular companies.

    How the Circular Resource Passport Works

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    • PHASE 1

      Waste analysis

      • Company inspection
      • Request for technical company waste documentation
      • Analysis of waste management status
      • Definition of interventions on the basis of expeditious analysis
      • Prioritisation of activities
    • PHASE 2

      Feasibility analysis and start-up of operations

      • Research and transfer of technical and scientific know-how
      • Identification of cross-sector technologies
      • Market and database research for end-users
      • ROI calculation and cost assumptions for alternative solutions
    • PHASE 3

      Waste valorisation in a circular perspective

      • Identifying new destinies
      • Support for the integration of new technologies
      • Regulatory and logistical support
      • Support in the creation of the waste management model
      • Assistance with first load

    Benefits of the Circular Resource Passport

    Improving sustainability

    Reduce waste production and meet sustainability goals that help improve the image and reputation of your business.

    Reduce management risks

    Reduce risks in environmental waste management by technically and up-to-date identification of your waste.

    Implement a plan

    Implement a plan for managing your waste together with the advice of a team of experts.

    Do you want to sell your production waste in an assisted and digital way?

    With the Circular Resource Passport you sell your waste with the support
    of the Sfridoo team, reaping competitive, economic and environmental benefits
    by joining the network of Circular Economy companies



    • Circular Scanner: valorising production waste

      Enhance your farm production residues through mapping and full service by Sfridoo’s experienced technicians

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      How the service works

      • Mappatura del valore
      • Analisi fattibilità e operazioni
      • Valorizzazione degli scarti
    • Circular Procurement: find and buy waste

      Find and buy with expert support from Sfridoo: waste, recovered materials, secondary materials and by-products suitable for your process

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      • Process analysis
      • Know-how transfer
      • Technical support
    • E-service: enhancing electronic electrical devices

      Valorises company electronic devices in good condition, zeroing the costs of waste management and certifying data erasure

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      Come funziona il servizio

      • Analisi di contesto
      • Individuazione delle soluzioni
      • Gestione dell’operazione
    • By-products: drafting sheets and qualification

      With Sfridoo you draft and obtain documentation for your by-product data sheets in line with current legislation

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      How the service works

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      • Data sheet drafting
      • Declaration of conformity
    • Cloud-based waste software MUD and Records: Rifiutoo

      Cloud-based software for flexible, digital business waste management for SMEs, startups, consultants and ambietnal managers

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      Benefits of the software

      • Optimize your waste management
      • Stay up to date at RENTRI
      • Protect your data with cloud technology
    • Marketplace for asset reuse: Riusoo

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      Benefits of the service

      • Get cost savings
      • Generate ESG data for reports
      • Speed up asset management
    • Certification for plastic-free companies

      With the first Italian Plastic-free certification of Sfridoo, you give concrete form to and communicate to your stakeholders your corporate responsibility in reducing the environmental impact of disposable plastics.

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      Vantaggi della certificazione

      • Incrementa il valore percepito dei prodotti/servizi
      • Comunica i tuoi traguardi agli stakeholder
      • Migliora le condizioni ambientali dei luoghi di lavoro
    • Rifiutoo cloud-based software for enterprise waste management

      With Rifiutoo® optimize and simplify the management of waste in the company. Generate without wasting time in a few clicks: Load-Unload Register, Forms, MUD, Waste cards, analysis schedule, … and much more

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