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Plastic-free Certification and Guidelines for your business

With Sfridoo® you can make your business Plastic-free with a tailor-made project to communicate the environmental and social responsibility of your company

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    Certify your Plastic-free corporate commitment with Sfridoo

    Would you like to certify your company’s environmental and social responsibility in combating disposable Plastics?
    With the first Italian Plastic-free Certification, which follows the recommendations of the Italian Ministry of the Environment, you communicate to your stakeholders your commitment to reducing the environmental impact of disposable Plastics. Get your company Plastic-free certification for offices, recreation and canteen areas.

    The first Italian Plastic-free certification for offices, recreation and canteen areas

    Improve your green reputation and target new user groups and new consumers sensitive to the issue

    Communicate your Plastic-free commitment to stakeholders and outdo the competition

    Certify your Green Public Procurement (GPP) with Plastic-free certification following the recommendations of the Italian Ministry of the Environment

    Reduce your environmental impact and lower your expenses with disposable plastics


    What does Plastic-free mean?

    How does the certification process work?

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    What does Plastic-free mean?

    Plastic-free literally means “free from plastic”. This movement, which in recent years and, in particular during 2019, has been catching everyone’s eyes (consumers, institutions and companies) is part of a historical moment that is bringing awareness to the issue of using disposable plastics products.

    Plastics production worldwide has increased from 2 million tonnes produced in the 1950s to 380 million tonnes in 2015, and is still continuing to grow.
    In fact, the production is expected to double in the next 20 years and even quadruple by 2050, the year in which the weight of plastic in the ocean will be equal to the weight of all fish. Moreover, the footprint production will be equal to 615 coal-fired power plants operating at full speed.

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    How to get the Plastic-free certification?

    Sfridoo’s Plastic-free Certification is a practical and operational tool, built on solid research grounds. Through a study and specifications created by our internal staff and in compliance with the guidelines of the Ministry of the Environment in Italy, the company receives the necessary means to certify its corporate responsibility towards the environment, internal resources and everything within its premises.

      The first step is the company self-assessment to verify its commitment level. The company can make use of the suggestions described in the Plastic-free guide for their continuous improvement

      In the second step, Sfridoo receives the project documentation and the Plastic-free purchase options. The technicians of Sfridoo verify the material produced and prepare the internal company auditing

      The third step involves a visit to the company to verify the choice of suppliers, the green purchases made, and whether the guidelines are being followed

      The certificate is issued with annual validity, according to the different levels. The company is included in the online page dedicated only to Plastic-free companies

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    The Plastic-free certificate

    Sfridoo’s Plastic-free certification is issued annually and provides a grade based on the type of project, suppliers and purchases made.

      Plastic-free Basic | 55-69 points | for companies in their first commitment project to combat disposable plastics use

      Plastic-free Silver | 70-83 points | a corporate commitment

      Plastic-free Gold | 84-93 points

      Plastic-free Platinum | 94-100 points

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    The Plastic-free Guide

    The specification compiled by Sfridoo is an operational guide to Plastic-free certification. What do you get with the Plastic-free guide?

    The document for internal self-assessment using a well-structured survey involving employees and resources

    The Sfridoo’s guide which provides operational tools and solutions for corporate green procurement

    Case studies of companies and self-assessment tools to help with the Plastic-free certification


    Download now the introductory pages of the guide

    Supplier management and dedicated green procurement

    Do you have few resources to implement dedicated projects or to carry out the Green Procurement phase?

    The complexity of such a project and the need for internal resources can be an obstacle. Don’t worry. Sfridoo provides a complete service for Plastic-free project management with a team dedicated to your needs:

    Inspection and pre-assessment for the identification of areas in which is better to carry out plastic-free projects

    Optimization of green procurement management

    Contact and management of suppliers based on business needs

    Check and control of the pilot project including the final report and Plastic-free certification

    Talking about us

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    Case study - Plastic-free certification and design service

    An important company with 300 employees, in the confectionery sector, located at Padua Province, Italy, has entrusted Sfridoo with the task of verifying the viability of creating such a project.

    After an initial evaluation, it was identified many opportunities for improvements in accordance with the standards defined at Sfridoo’s guide from 2019. Having this in mind, the company requested an intervention dedicated to the green procurement phase in order to improve their practices in two different internal areas: the recreation lounge and one department.

    Finally, the company received the Silver level of our Plastic-free certification, aiming to increase its efforts in the combat against disposable Plastics in order to, by next year, be at the Platinum level.


    The results?

    Saving on plastic: 2,160 kg
    Economical saving: € 32,640
    Saving in CO2 emissions (amount of environmental impact avoided): 8 tons CO2 equivalent to 11 trees planted for compensation

    Do you want to communicate your corporate commitment against disposable plastics?

    With Sfridoo® you can free your business from disposable plastics with a project tailored to your needs, making possible to share your commitment with important stakeholders. With Sfridoo, your company also becomes part of the Circular Economy

    The Circular Economy for your Business

    Sfridoo helps companies to take the first step towards a circular economy, thanks to a targeted corporate consulting service, achieving sustainable results for the environment and for the company. We provide a high-value eco-innovative service.