Zero waste disposal costs of Unfired Ceramic

Sfridoo’s team of experts was contacted by a major company in the ceramic sector that was incurring disposal costs of EUR 80/tonne for raw ceramic waste: EWC code 10 12 01 (mixture residues not heat-treated).

By searching for possible users of the waste, it was possible to identify a new partner capable of absorbing 660 tonnes per year of this production residue in the production of mixtures for the ceramic sector.

Having found the user and defined the points for the applicability of the By-product institute according to Art. 184 bis of the Environmental Consolidation Act, Sfridoo drew up all the documentation for qualification as By-product, according to the indications contained in the D.M. 264 circular.

Before the intervention, the company’s waste management cost was around EUR 80/tonne. After the activities it was possible to completely reduce the costs by finding a user for the material, thus achieving a total cost saving of 100 per cent.

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