Waste land transformed into new material: savings + EUR 100,000/year

A major company in the food industry requested a valorisation intervention on waste land, the non-management of which it considered to be a major inefficiency in its process.

The cost of disposal was particularly important due to the quantities generated and the increase in disposal prices each year.

Overhead costs for the company have been calculated at well over 100,000 Euro per year.

What role did Sfridoo play?

Sfridoo® led the company to sell its production residue in an unexplored sector.

Being a product with similar characteristics to the raw material usually purchased from the identified supply chain, the company with Sfridoo® thus obtained, after a good negotiation, a total reduction of disposal costs and a profit for the sale.

What results have been achieved by the valorisation of waste land?

  1. The company was able to turn a pure cost into a net profit. Zeroing the 100,000 Euro expense and selling the product.
  2. By requesting Sfridoo® for the valorisation of the residue, the company obtained: collection, analysis, evaluation, investigation, search for interested companies and delivery, ready and operational.

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