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Saving 105% on roasting scraps

A company operating in the coffee roasting industry, located in the Emilia region of Italy, requested Sfridoo’s support for the creation of a report and strategy dedicated to the company’s entire roasting scraps.

In particular, one of the projects selected by the company involved the valorisation of a specific waste from the production process resulting from roasting activities, by a company in the Emilia region.

The company’s aim was to verify the possibility of valorising this scraps by assessing the market and proceeding to sell the residue.

Stages of the coffee processing scraps valorisation project

During the dedicated valorisation project, Sfridoo provided chemical and market analyses at an early stage. It also surveyed the different commodity chains to identify a number of companies ready to purchase roasting residues as raw material.

Once the correct business partner was identified, Sfridoo managed the entire pilot phase of the initiative. The focus was both on the logistics profile and on identifying the correct way to ship the coffee residue. The Sfridoo team assisted the company in the drafting of all the documentation required by the regulations.

Finally, the company was issued a specification for the proper management of the residue, thus increasing its green commitment.

What were the results obtained?

  1. Thanks to the support of Sfridoo’s expert team, the company optimised its coffee production process. It also lowered all disposal costs of the first adopted project, administrative and waste management costs.
  2. The difference between the operation’s costs and revenues allowed the company to generate an overall saving of 105%. This in turn allowed the company to make its business even more profitable, with an eye on the impact reductions that the roasting scraps project generated.

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