Integration of new secondary material in the rubber industry

The project entrusted to Sfrido involved the research, analysis and evaluation of recovered material for a particular production process in the rubber industry. It was requested by a leading Italian company.

The company’s aim was to test the possibility of substituting or integrating a new secondary or recovered material into its production process. The aim was that this new material could serve as a new element for the company’s products.

Project steps for the integration of a new second material for rubber

During the Circular Procurement project, Sfridoo provided:

  • Carrying out an in-depth analysis of the industrial process, by means of factory visits and technical discussions with R&D, production and the commercial area;
  • Search for alternative solutions through critical analysis of scientific literature and competitor products;
  • Develop opportunities in close contact with the company’s R&D department;
  • Determine a pool of matrices containing the substances sought;
  • Search for matrices in the country and prepare samples for laboratory tests.

What were the results obtained?

  1. The company was able to transform a product made from virgin material into a sustainable product. This was possible through an innovative, tested procurement process with solid and enforced regulatory support.
  2. The customer, entrusting Sfridoo with the complete project, found itself with: analysis, evaluations, surveys, research of interested companies and ready delivery.
  3. This made it possible to obtain products derived from recovered matrices. The company was then able to certify new sustainable and circular business lines through recognised labels (CAM – Minimum Environmental Criteria).

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