Metal scrap
Savings for more than 100,000€ on metal scraps

A major company in the precision engineering industry needed to find a solution for the valorisation of metal scraps. The company in fact believed it could be given new life in other production activities to that waste.

Disposal costs were particularly important due to the quantities generated and the annual price increase of around 35%.

These costs included both direct costs for disposal and transport with authorised carriers and for the bureaucratic and administrative management of the operations.

How was the saving possible?

Overhead costs for the company in excess of 100,000 Euro were calculated on metal scraps.

The Sfridoo® marketplace and the operational advice of the team of experts led the company to manage the residue as a By-product. This assessment followed the strictest standards required by the regulations. Moreover, it leaded the material to be purchased by companies in the lift counterweight sector. This product possesses characteristics similar to the virgin material found in the supply chain.

The company, by applying to Sfridoo, thus obtained, after a good negotiation, a total saving on disposal costs and a profit for sale.

What were the results obtained from metal scrap valorisation?

  1. The company was able to turn a pure cost into a net gain. By zeroing out expenses and selling the resource as a by-product.
  2. Thanks to Sfridoo, the company optimised its production process as well as reducing all disposal, administrative and waste management costs.
  3. By relying on Sfridoo, the company obtained: analyses, evaluations, surveys, withdrawals and research of interested companies.
  4. Sfridoo and its team took care of the complete project: from business scanning, to the operational phase. This one was focused on definition of priorities, to the phase of identifying the right business partner and regulatory technical support for the metal scraps valorisation.

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