Metal scrap
Gain of 15,000€ on electrical devices to be decommissioned but still usable

A leading company in the clothing industry needed to obtain and discover the maximum economic value of an entire warehouse property. The warehouse contained discarded electronic devices located in the province of Milan.

The company’s intention, not knowing the true value of the warehouse, was disposing electronic devices that were still functional and reusable.

How did the project develop?

The company requested Sfridoo to sort all its electronic devices (amounting to about 3,000 units). These were carefully inventoried according to international standards.

Subsequently, the devices were evaluated both on a qualitative basis (detecting breakages and their wear and tear) and on a functional level: verifying their correct functioning.

Finally, Sfridoo provided for the identification of the highest lot price, the correct collection of the material and the best supplier for the certified deletion of the data.

What were the results obtained without discarding objects?

  1. The inventory and subsequent evaluation phase allowed the company to receive a targeted quotation on the electronic devices to be disposed of. This reduced warehouse management costs to zero, freeing up useful space and leaving it available for more core-business related assets. In fact, the business of disposing of electronic devices turned into a win-win.
  2. The operation generated a profit of +€15,000 for the company. It has therefore made its business even more profitable by avoiding the disposal of reusable items and the associated costs.

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