Buy production materials and waste

Discover production waste, by-products and mps procurement opportunities on Sfridoo®. You will also find suppliers and reach customers to expand your professional network.


Enter your company waste request at no cost

  • Enter requests for waste, production waste and by-products.
  • Create a free inventory of the materials you take back and can manage and start looking for possible new suppliers.
  • Request the advanced Circular Procurement service to receive full support from Sfridoo’s technical experts.

Express your interest and
find new suppliers

  • Find qualified companies to offer a take-back service or buy production waste.
  • Receive offers from new customers for your Secondary Material (MPS) from End of Waste processes.
  • Get technical, regulatory and commercial support from the Sfridoo team.

Join the network of
circular companies

  • Contribute to the networking of virtuous companies.
  • Find out how you can achieve great benefits through the Circular Economy and Industrial Symbiosis.
  • Help Sfridoo generate the market for secondary materials.

Some companies in the network

Benefits for environmental managers

Expand your network

Get in touch with others to create business links through the application of Circular Economy principles.

Get personalised support

Rely on the technical and regulatory expertise of the Sfridoo team for new materials and suppliers of production waste.

Join the network

Get all the benefits of the Sfridoo network and join the companies contributing to the circular transition.

A team of technicians dedicated to your business

Join the Sfridoo network: a resource manager will identify and collect valorisation opportunities for you, signalling new business opportunities and managing the technical and regulatory aspects of waste.

Every contact with the resource manager will be notified to you by email or phone, so you can manage your resource pool and requests from wherever you want.

Find materials and new suppliers for your professional network

With Sfridoo® you get new business opportunities
for your company by reaping economic,
fiscal and environmental benefits, thanks to
the principles of the Circular Economy


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to subscribe to Sfridoo?

    Sfridoo® is free of charge.

    Enter in a few steps your resources such as waste, by-products, secondary materials, leftovers or make a material request to find new business opportunities for your company.

  • How do I register?

    Registration with Sfridoo® involves just a few simple steps.

    From the "START NOW" button, you can start your registration on and create your inventory of waste, by-products, secondary raw materials, or create requests for materials you are looking for.

  • What control is carried out on access?

    The Sfridoo team controls access on the platform by verifying each company through the identification procedure.

    The data verification makes Sfridoo a safe and secure place, preventing spam and the creation of false profiles.