Confindustria Emilia opens with Sfridoo the helpdesk of the Circular Economy

On September 30 and October 7 Confindustria Emilia Area Centro opens the B2B Start-up Business Meetings: first cycle to get to know startups in the Buildings & Environment sectors with the Circular Economy

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  • 07 October 2019
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Events Pubblicato il 14 October 2019

The helpdesk of the Circular Economy

Following the activities carried out during the last edition of FARETE 2019, the trade fair of product chains at Bologna fairs, in the OPEN HUB space dedicated to innovation; the Research and Innovation area of ​​Confindustria Emilia Area Centro organized 1to1 meeting days with some innovative startups in the area.

This first series of events was dedicated by the Confindustria Emilia Area Center to the theme Buildings & Environment and offers the possibility of meeting the startup of the Circular Economy, Sfridoo.
Sfridoo supports companies in reducing waste disposal costs by enhancing, where possible, production waste. It supports companies in the transition to the Circular Economy, offering services aimed at optimizing waste and production surpluses, with a specific approach for each business need.

  • Start technical-scientific collaborations;
  • Finding solutions for production efficiency through new technologies;
  • Possible investment opportunities to diversify your business.


The helpdesk appointments

The dates available for a free meeting with a Sfridoo expert at the Confindustria Emilia Area Centro desk are the following:

  • Confindustria Emilia of Bologna: Monday 30/9 hours 9-12 and Monday 7/10 hours 9-12;
  • Confindustria Emilia di Modena headquarters: Monday 30/9 hours 14-17 and Monday 7/10 hours 14-17.

To request an appointment it is possible to write to, in the programming we will try to take into account, as far as possible, the time requirements, based on the chronology of the requests received.
Appointments are available only for Confindustria Associates.

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