With Rifiutoo® you get an adaptable and always-accessible solution for keeping corporate waste under control, cutting down compilation errors and aiming for waste reduction targets


  • Optimize your waste management
    Stay up-to-date at RENTRI
    Protect your data with cloud technology


Optimize your business waste management.

With Rifiutoo® you turn complex business waste management into a flexible, guided activity, allowing you to abandon compilation and management errors, set targets for reduction, and reap the benefits of the Circular Economy.

Ideal for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises and startups that produce waste.

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Refuse is updated to the RENTRI and the latest directives

Rfiutoo® is up-to-date with the latest directives in both national and international waste management.

Digitize your waste management forms to be ready to integrate the new National Electronic Waste Tracking Register (RENTRi).

In addition, Rifiutoo needs no installation and offers data security typical of cloud infrastructure.


Discover Rifiutoo®

How it works

  • Statistics, connection and collaboration

    • Analytics and queryable charts to track spending, optimize and control volumes
    • Live connection with your environmental consultant for responsive and collaborative updates
    • IV copy, documentation and interconnection with your environmental managers
  • Register, forms and MUD
    in the cloud

    • Record movements digitally and print the register directly from your location
    • Cloud-manage all your Business Forms, in just a few clicks
    • Automatically generate, compile and print forms for MUD submission
  • Waste, supplier
    and stock records

    • Waste, supplier<br/>and giacaCreate custom master records of your corporate ERCs
    • Generate master records for your suppliers and environmental servicesalia
    • Manage your temporary storage inventories with dedicated notifications

For whom the Rifiutoo® software is designed

The software is designed for SME companies and environmental consultants.

Companies thanks to Rifiutoo® can independently manage all the handling of their company waste: from the loading/unloading register to the MUD, up to the management of deadlines and forms.

While for environmental consultants it simplifies the management of their client portfolio, accessing from a single profile all waste documents in a fast and real-time manner.

Advantages of Rifiutoo®

It simplifies the work

The management of waste-related activities present on a single application allows you to simplify procedures, reducing risks.

Facilitates communication

Through the software, you can easily communicate with your environmental consaulter and manager, analyzing documentation instantly.

Save time

The iterface and the way the software is used intuitively allows you to issue logs, forms, MUDs, waste master records and more.

Do you want to manage your business waste digitally and flexibly?

With Rifiutoo® software and the use of cloud technology revolutionize
your production waste management processes

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