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Rifiutoo cloud-based software for enterprise waste management

With Rifiutoo® you get a No Stress solution to keep company waste under control, reducing compilation errors and aiming at waste reduction targets

Are you a waste producer? Manage your waste in smartworking

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    Do you still record everything by hand? Keep everything under control. No installation. No stress.

    Are you an initial producer of waste? Do you still record all your documentation by hand? With Rifiutoo you can optimize and simplify waste management in your company.
    Generate without wasting time in a few clicks: Load-Unload Register, Forms, MUD, Waste Cards, Analysis Schedule, Trend Analysis, Reports, Waste Reduction Targets and much more … In comfort: from your computer or smartphone and tablet.

     Always available in the cloud on all devices

    Guided process to make sure you don’t make mistakes with the simple and intuitive interface

    Connect your environmental consultant and environmental service providers to get everything under control at all times

    Ready-to-go video tutorials for training on software features when you want it

     Continuously updated with state-of-the-art environmental regulations for waste producers

     No installation, everything accessible anytime, anywhere

     Independent and free from environmental management software, you get all the benefits


    What is Rifiutoo and how it works

    cloud-based waste

    Rifiutoo, the cloud software to manage your waste with 1 click

    Are you a producer of Waste? How much time do you lose in Waste registrations? With Rifiutoo, the management of your business waste is just a click away.

    Through the online software and available on PC, Tablet and Smartphone, optimize your time in the management of Forms, Loading and Unloading Registers, MUD and many other smart and fast operations for your business. All in one all-in-one solution, simple, fast and secure.

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    From today, waste management becomes simple even for your business

    Have you always thought that it was complex to manage business waste? Rifiutoo is designed and developed for the needs of your business that produces waste. Access it on any device and check your business waste activities. Always connected with your environmental consultant and environmental service providers.

    With Rifiutoo you save time, keep everything under control, without stress.

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    Sfridoo lancia Rifiutoo: la piattaforma in Cloud che aiuta le imprese a gestire al meglio i propri scarti

    Why use Rifiutoo and which advantages

    No more mistakes in the compilation of bureaucratic documentation

    Save time in the compilation of loading and unloading registers, MUDs and Forms

    Invite your whole team, your environmental consultant and your service providers to help you in the correct management

     Digitize all your waste data and get ready for the new electronic register

     Achieve “zero waste to landfill by setting ambitious targets in line with your business strategies

     No installation all accessible anytime, anywhere

     Independent and free from environmental management software


    Talking about Sfridoo

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    All the benefits of cloud-based waste software for manufacturers

    With Rifiutoo® you turn hard business waste management into a no-stress and guided activity, allowing you to abandon compilation and management mistakes, set targets for reduction and get all the benefits of the Circular Economy. Ideal for micro-small and medium enterprises, startups that produce waste

    What do you get with Sfridoo?

      A first free consultancy that will help you to understand what is the best way to manage your electrical and electronic devices on which your company is currently spending significant amounts with its’ disposal or maintenance.

      A complete service, made with professionalism, care, passion and support of a team with proven experience in the field of Circular Economy

     Support during the entire material sorting phase, evaluation and subsequent quotation of all equipment

      Complete operation management – including the certified data wiping and the sustainability reporting for the service aimed at the re-use of the items, avoiding waste of energy and value