Cloud-based marketplace to support large companies to quantify, donate and recover lost value of assets and inventory, generating ESG data for your sustainability report


  • Get cost savings
  • Generate ESG data for reports
  • Speed up asset management


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Create your own reuse network

Build within Riusoo® your network of contacts to exchange corporate assets, achieving ambitious sustainability goals.

You’ll make the relationship with partner companies, investees, suppliers and customers immediate and you’ll be able to see what inventory assets can benefit them immediately.

Make conscious and sustainable choices.

Create impact by reusing your capital assets by obtaining quantitative and qualitative ESG data on the support.

This activity will benefit Your business from several natural social, environmental and economic benefits.

Discover Riusoo®

Who the Riusoo® software is designed for

Riusoo® software is designed for large companies or groups of companies with a large inventory of assets.

Thanks to the software you can dynamically and digitally incentivize the reuse of capital assets in your inventory by achieving important sustainability goals.

In addition, by extending the service life of the individual asset you will achieve significant financial savings.

Vantaggi di Riusoo®

Get ESG data

Create your sustainability report in a clear, simple and comprehensive way by leveraging the value of ESG data.

Save money through reuse

Minimizza gli sprechi di risorse e incentiva il riutilizzo all'interno della tua azienda.

Become a circular company

By avoiding the purchase of new assets, through the reuse of those you already own, you help improve asset circularity.

Do you want to give value to your business assets?

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