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Consultancy for the valorization of production residues

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What is and how does the consulting service for the exploitation of waste in the production process work?

The first consultancy service dedicated to companies for the valorisation of production residues. The operational consultancy aims to analyze the actual status of the company’s production process, realizing a first mapping of possible interventions, with a view to a more advantageous and sustainable economic management of waste, identifying alternative and innovative solutions in full compliance with the current environmental legislation.

How the service works in simple steps:
• Identification of waste with request for production data;
• Green Gap Analysis and reporting of inefficiencies in waste management;
• Identification of possible optimization and value research interventions;
• Focus on micro-intervention and drafting of reports on company history;
• Research and comparison of best price;
• Drafting of the Operational Plan and Economic Plan for the feasibility of the intervention;
• Selection of suppliers, facilitation and mediation, negotiation negotiation;
• Management of the first Pilot of the operation.

A service tailored to the needs of your company

Sfridoo’s consulting approach (Green Gap Analysis) is based on process review principles focused on the exploitation of residues that the company currently produces.
This service, geared to the needs of the corporate, is aimed at identifying the macro areas of intervention in the production process to bring maximum value to the waste produced.

The method, adopted according to a protocol internal to Sfridoo Srl, is based on a deep understanding of the company and its environment, of the historical waste, of the operations carried out on the matter at the end of life and on the possibility of contingent revision, in order to focus the revision work on areas with higher residual value.

The company receives a Green Gap Analysis report on which to adopt process optimization policies to better exploit the waste component.

Approach and

Our working philosophy is based on assisting the company throughout the operational process. Each step of this process allows us to undertake an optimization path with the company, responding to the needs proposed in the analysis phase.

The advice lies in the eco-innovation sector which bases its principles on innovation in the waste field, conceiving waste as a resource and no longer as surplus and material to be discarded. This approach includes the use of the by-product legislation, end of waste and re-use and internal re-use of materials.

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Today with Sfridoo® you can enhance your residual production, drawing fiscal and environmental benefits, towards a CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility - of value. Even your company, with Sfridoo, becomes part of the Circular Economy

Circular Economy for your Business

Sfridoo helps companies to take the first step towards the circular economy, thanks to targeted and corporate advice, achieving sustainable results for the environment and for the company. Service with high eco-innovative value