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Consulting to help give value to your waste

With Sfridoo® you can give value to your waste, with innovation focused consulting tailored to your business

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What is our consulting service and how does it help you make use of your waste?

The first ever consulting firm dedicated to helping companies give value to their waste. The consulting aims to analyze the the company’s production process, creating a list of possible solutions, with the scope of finding a more sustainable and cheap system of waste management that is up to date with the current environmental legislation.

How the service works step by step:
Pre-evaluation when the client provides comprehensive data on the waste created by their process;

• Inspection of the factory;

Green Gap Analysis for finding inefficiencies and possible improvements in the current waste management system;

Identification of possible optimizations and research on the potential value of the waste;

Strategic report on the different courses of action;

Planning, outlining of the best strategy and how to move forward;

Selection of suppliers, needed for the new strategy as well as negotiation;

Management of the first trial run of the new strategy.

A service tailored to the needs of your company

working step by step with results all along the way. Sfridoo aims for results that the business can work on with mid-long  term results. Sfridoo re-works business models, organizing processes, finance collection, contracts and products/services: through its combination of unique competences and experiences. Sfridoo provides the vision the plan and the know how for any business that wants to become a part of the Circular Economy.

The consulting approach which Sfridoo uses is based around the principle of Process Review, revision of suppliers and revision of regulations. It focuses on finding the value of any waste produced by a company. The service is tailored to the needs of the business and it means to identify the major areas of potential improvement in the current system and to give value to the business’s waste. With fast and easy strategies.

Approach and

We built so that we could have an in depth understanding of the business we are helping, the environment it is working in, what kind of goals it has and the history of their waste, and how it was  disposed of.  All of this so that we can identify the broad areas of interest that need work.

At the heart of our philosophy is the concept of helping businesses through the entire strategic and operative process. every one of the steps in our processes aims to optimize the client’s business and to bring them one step closer to achieving their personal goals.

Our consulting is specialized in the waste management sector concentrating on achieving high levels of Eco-innovation, so that we can change your waste into a resource and not a limitation. We can do this by leveraging by-product legislation, using the End-of-Waste strategy and re-using intact primary and secondary materials.

Profit off your waste with the help of Sfridoo today

Today with Sfridoo®you can optimize your reuse system and gain tax benefits and environmental benefits in the name of a CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility - with value. Even your company, can become a part of the Circular Economy with the help of Sfridoo

the opportunity of the Circular Economy

Small, medium and big businesses have all already used the services of Sfridoo. The time has come for your company to take advantage of the Circular Economy too, by respecting the environment and optimizing your business.