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    Sfridoo's training on the Circular Economy for your entire company

    Personnel training on environmental issues is essential to help the company optimise its input and output processes. Sfridoo’s mission is to train employees to interpret the most important innovations in the environmental sector. The company’s needs are analysed according to the goals and KPIs pursued. Together with the company, Sfridoo designs a customized, innovative and effective programme.

    This course is directed to the following professionals:
    • Architects and product designers;
    • Entrepreneurs and consultants;
    • Environmental and construction engineers;
    • Energy and mobility manager;
    • Environmental Lawyers;
    • Environmental managers: of environmental prevention and protection service, of production and maintenance, also quality auditor, commercial and environmental project representatives;
    • Marketing, communication and international relations professionals responsible for communication with stakeholders;
    • Managers of integrated waste management companies and recycling plants;
    • Supply chain managers in charge of implementing projects caring about the producers environmental and social responsibility.

    Training designed
    to meet your company's needs

    A high-value innovative programme about Circular Economy dedicated to companies and supported by the founders of Sfridoo: the startup specialist in the field of circular economic models.

    The Circular Economy is considered the fourth industrial revolution together with Industry 4.0. The attention that Europe is placing, at EU level, on environmental issues is radically influencing the production and distribution processes in all industrial sectors. This paradigm shift is involving changes and innovations in the company’s business models, with implications on the product and designing process, manufacturing and sales activities.

    Together with the company, Sfridoo plans a training course dedicated to its needs, goals and financial operations.

    What is Circular Economy and what are the advantages for businesses?

    Circular Economy

    • what Circular Economy is;
    • Circular and Linear Economy model;
    • principles and advantages of the Circular Economy;
    • European and international best practices;
    • industrial symbiosis;
    • methods of collaboration for Circular Economy projects;
    • Europe and the policies supporting the Circular Economy;
    • the closure of the cycles;
    • Circular Economy as a competitive advantage.

    Sustainability and LCA. Economic and environmental advantages

    Environmental certifications

    • what sustainability is;
    • Life Cycle Assessment – LCA or life cycle analysis;
    • reference standards (14040, 14044, 14025);
    • LCA and similar certifications (EPD, Made Green In Italy, C2C);
    • Italian and European Directorate (CAM, PEF/OEF);
    • Italian and international best practices;
    • environmental compensation.

    Turn into value your production waste

    By-product and End-of-Waste

    • national waste regulations, general principles;
    • what by-product is; and
    • by-product decrees;
    • Italian and international best practices;
    • what End-of-Waste is, and what foresees the European and national regulations, and the principle of “case by case”;
    • national End-of-Waste updates;
    • Italian and international best practices.

    Green marketing strategy

    Green marketing

    • what are green jobs and new forms of work in the green economy;
    • is green and sustainable marketing;
    • examples of national and international green brands;
    • green branding & green marketing strategies;
    • packaging as a tool for corporate promotion;
    • examples of national and international green packaging;
    • B2B case studies for green marketing;
    • useful strategies and advice.

    Technical Partners

    emc innovation lab
    climate kic
    zero environment

    Turn your waste into value with Sfridoo today

    With Sfridoo® you can create value from your production leftovers, taking advantage of tax and environmental benefits, in the direction of CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility. With Sfridoo, your company also becomes part of the Circular Economy.

    The Circular Economy for your Business

    Sfridoo helps companies to take the first step towards a circular economy, thanks to a targeted corporate consulting service, achieving sustainable results for the environment and for the company. We provide a high-value eco-innovative service.