How to Implement Green Marketing

With the help of Sfridoo® make your Green communication effective on the product and on the eco-innovation process of your company


what is Green Strategy and how can it help your business

Sfridoo’s® Green Strategy helps strategic marketing for mid-long term results, by making use of the work a business has done towards becoming a part of the Circular Economy. A new kind of innovation working on a moral code and accounting for social responsibility, by changing how you view consumers and realizing that they are paying more and more attention to what kind of businesses practices they employ and how they treat the environment.

How does it work step by step:
• Investigating what kind of sustainability projects the business has conducted to better understand how sustainable they are;
• Understand what kind of results the businesses project achieved for the Circular Economy;
• Comparing your company to the industry standard to better understand what it can market and begin to make a strategy;
• Feasibility report and calculating the ROI of the strategy;
• Enforcing the strategy on all digital and analog accounts owned by the company;
• The addition of the business to the virtuous grouping of Sustainable Business.

Building a corporate image

The Green Strategy helps Businesses use their marketing strategy to better represent their Corporate Social Responsibility and therefore there environmental and social achievements.

For instance Sfridoo markets itself as the creator of sustainable marketing projects, Shared Value and specialist on the Circular Economy, who can create value for their consumers, for their stakeholders and for their community. All of this through their Green Strategy and their ability to lessen corporate impact on the environment.

Green marketing or as it’s more commonly referred to Sustainable Marketing is a long term approach, built on the principle that resources should be split evenly between our current population and our future population. This applies to businesses as well and hence becomes a part of business strategy. Instead of the standard approach to marketing, which concentrates on the short term satisfaction of consumers, Sustainable Marketing means paying more attention to the long term effects of production and of consumption. Therefore sustainable marketing means that one of the goals of a business is guaranteeing the long term sustainability of the business from an economic perspective as well as from an environmental and social perspective. Thus creating long term value for everyone not just the business.

Give value to your waste

Today with Sfridoo®you can give value to your waste and gain financial and environmental benefits, as well as giving your CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility - value. Even your company, with Sfridoo's help, can become a part of the Circular Economy

The opportunity of the Circular Economy

Small, medium and big businesses have all already used the services of Sfridoo. The time has come for your company to take advantage of the Circular Economy too, by respecting the environment and optimizing your business

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