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Corporate training on the Circular Economy and green waste management

With Sfridoo® you can enter your company in full in the Circular Economy with a business training mise en place

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The training of Sfridoo on the Circular Economy for your entire company

Staff training on environmental issues is essential to lead the company to optimize input and output resources. Sfridoo’s mission is to train company figures who know how to interpret the most important innovations in the environmental sector. The company needs are analyzed according to the objectives and KPI to be reached. Sfridoo plans together with the company a customized, innovative and effective tailor-made path.

To which professionals and companies this course is intended:
• Product architects and designers;
• Entrepreneurs and consultants;
• Construction and environmental engineers;
• Energy and mobility manager;
• Lawyers in environmental law;
• Environmental managers, environmental prevention and protection services, production and maintenance, quality auditors, sales representatives and environmental design consultants;
• Marketing professionals, communication and external relations contacts for relations with stakeholders;
• Responsible for companies managing the integrated waste cycle and recycling start-up plants;
• Managers of supply chain consortia who are responsible for implementing the producer responsibility principle.

• Professionisti di marketing, comunicazione e relazioni esterne referenti per i rapporti con gli stakeholders;
• Responsabili di aziende di gestione del ciclo integrato dei rifiuti e impianti di avvio al riciclo;
• Responsabili di consorzi di filiera che si occupano di implementare il principio di responsabilità del produttore.

A training project tailored
to the needs of your company

A path with high innovative value dedicated to companies on the Circular Economy, together with the founders of Sfridoo: the startup that operationally deals with the issues of the circular economic model.
Circular Economy is considered the fourth industrial revolution together with Industry 4.0. The attention that Europe is placing as a topic at the community level on the environmental issue, is radically influencing the production and distribution processes in all industrial sectors.
A change of paradigm that involves conversions and innovations of corporate business models, with repercussions on the offer and activities of design, transformation and sale. Sfridoo plans with the company a training course dedicated to its needs, perspectives and financial operations.

Module 1 - What is Circular Economy

• What is Circular Economy;
• Model of Circular and Linear Economy;
• Principles and advantages of the Circular Economy;
• European and international best practices;
• Industrial symbiosis;
• Industrial symbiosis;
• Europe and policies supporting the Circular Economy;

Module 2 - The by-product and the End of Waste

• National legislation on waste, general principles;
• What is the by-product;
• Decrees on the by-product;
• Italian and international best practices;
• What is the End of Waste, what are the European regulations?
• Italian and international best practices;

Module 3 - Green marketing for corporate strategy

• What is Green Marketing and Territorial Marketing;
• Circular economy versus corporate Greenwashing;
• Italian and international best practices;

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Today with Sfridoo® you can enhance your residual production, drawing fiscal and environmental benefits, towards a CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility - of value. Even your company, with Sfridoo, becomes part of the Circular Economy.
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Circular Economy for your Business

Sfridoo helps companies to take the first step towards the circular economy, thanks to targeted and corporate advice, achieving sustainable results for the environment and for the company. Service with high innovative value.