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business wide training on the circular economy

With the help of Sfridoo® even your company can become a part of the Circular Economy through Sfridoo's specialized business training

Discover the advantages of the Circular Economy with Sfridoo

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Sfridoo's company wide training about the Circular Economy

Educated staff is a key factor in the fight to optimize your production process and your method of product disposal. Sfridoo’s mission is to train company employees to be able to interpret the key innovations offered by the Circular Economy. We start by analyzing the needs and goals of businesses through the use of KPI-Key Point Indicators. Sfridoo helps businesses make the best possible strategy for achieving their goals.

This training is specialized for:
• Product architects and designers;
• Entrepreneurs and consultants;
• Construction and environmental engineers;
• Energy and mobility managers;
• Lawyers in environmental law;
• Environmental managers, environmental prevention and protection services, production and maintenance, quality auditors, sales representatives and environmental design consultants;
• Marketing professionals, communication and external relations contacts for relations with stakeholders;
• Managers for companies managing the integrated waste cycle and recycling start-up plants;
• Managers of supply chain consortia who are responsible for implementing the producer responsibility principle;

Training programs tailored
to the needs of your company

A specialized program for bringing innovation to companies that want to become a part of the Circular Economy, work together with the founders of Sfridoo: the startup for all things sustainability.
The Circular Economy is the fourth industrial revolution along side Industry 4.0. and the amount of attention Europe is giving to these environmental issues, is radically influencing company’s production and distribution processes in all industries. A complex shift that demands Evolution and innovation of current business models, to avoid economic failure. Sfridoo helps companies build a training program tailored to the client’s needs and goals.

What advantages does it bring

The Circular Economy

• What is the Circular Economy;

• Difference between the Circular Economy and the Linear Economy;

• Principles and advantages of the Circular Economy;

• Best examples on a European and international scale;

• Industrial symbiosis;

•Working together to achieve a Circular Economy;

• European policies in support of the Circular Economy;

• Closing the loop;

• The Circular Economy’s competitive advantages.

Sustainability and LCA the Economic and Environmental advantages

environmental certification

• What is sustainability;
• la Life Cycle Assessment – LCA;
• Benchmarks (14040, 14044, 14025);
•Certifications for LCA and others (EPD, Made Green In Italy, C2C);
•The Italian system and the European one(CAM, PEF/OEF);
• Best italian and international examples;
•Environmental tax benefits/grants.

Different ways to give value to your waste

By-Products and End-of-Waste

• National regulations for disposal;
•what are By-Products;
•The different forms of By-Products;
•Best Italian and International examples;
•What is End-of-Waste,what do the European regulations mean;
•The national regulations case by case;
•National updates for End-of-Waste;
•Best Italian and International examples.

Green Marketing

• What are Green jobs and what part do businesses play in a Green economy;
• What is Green marketing and what is sustainable marketing;
• National and International examples of Green Brands;
• Strategies for Green branding and Green marketing;
• Eco-Friendly packaging as a form marketing;
• National and International examples of Eco-Friendly packaging;
• B2B case studies of Green Marketing;
• Strategies and advice.

Technical partners

ambiente spa
emc innovation lab
climate kic
zero environment

give value to your waste

Today with Sfridoo®you can give value to your waste and gain financial and environmental benefits, as well as giving your CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility - value. Even your company, with Sfridoo's help, can become a part of the Circular Economy
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The opportunity of the Circular Economy

Small, medium and big businesses have all already used the services of Sfridoo. The time has come for your company to take advantage of the Circular Economy too, by respecting the environment and optimizing your business