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Digital business tools for the Circular Economy

With Sfridoo® you can equip your company with digital tools enabling the Circular Economy

Enable your company in the Circular Economy, thanks to Sfridoo's digital tools

Increases business's CSR value ​​and helps them enter the circular network.
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    How does the digital tool for the Circular Economy work

    With Sfridoo’s digital tool you can give your business the ability to communicate through the Circular Economy Network.

    Sfridoo has created the first ever network of businesses all working together to give value to their wasted products, by-products and materials.

    • The first part of the tool is the ability to buy and sell primary and secondary materials. Making business easy;

    • The second part of the tool deals with business’s CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility – through the teamwork of businesses to put wasted resources(Assets, By products and waste materials) back into the market flow;

    Digital Services Specialized for your Business

    Platforms, Digital tools and personalized plugins can all be provided for your business. SaaS(Software-as-a-Service) falls under the category of Products as a Service one of the fundamental pieces of the Circular Economy

    A Digital Service for the Buying and Selling of Primary and Secondary Materials

    Our work philosophy is founded on the concept of helping businesses through the entire operational process. Every step of our process helps us help you become as efficient as possible and get one step closer to your goals.

    The tools we provide our built on the principles of No-Waste, an innovative new way of thinking which can turn wasted materials into a useful resource for your company instead of an obstacle to be overcome.

    Give value to your waste

    Today with Sfridoo®you can give value to your waste and gain financial and environmental benefits, as well as giving your CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility - value. Even your company, with Sfridoo's help, can become a part of the Circular Economy

    the opportunity of the Circular Economy

    Small, medium and big businesses have all already used the services of Sfridoo. The time has come for your company to take advantage of the Circular Economy too, by respecting the environment and optimizing your business
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