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Corporate marketplace for the management of assets and surplus stocks

Sfridoo® Surplus Management Marketplace - SMM, is the solution for assets and surplus stocks management and monitoring

Why dispose of assets that are still useful for your company?

Create your own corporate marketplace and manage assets and surplus stock with Sfridoo® Surplus Management Marketplace


    Your company Marketplace for the Circular Economy

    Sfridoo® Surplus Management Marketplace – SMM, is a solution for assets and surplus stocks management and monitoring. Our solution stems from the Sfridoo team’s experience in managing digital marketplaces dedicated to the Circular Economy, facility and asset management.

    Always available on all devices via a cloud-based solution

    Share company assets internally within your organization and save on disposal

    Monitor and assign tasks to users according to their profiles thanks to the possibility of creating predefined accesses

    Extract custom reports and statistics on assets shared by business units

    Share no longer useful assets and surplus stock on the public platform Sfridoo® Marketplace

    Customize the platform based on your business identity


    How Sfridoo’s Surplus Management software works

    What is Sfridoo Marketplace?

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    Marketplace for assets and surplus stock

    Sfridoo® Surplus Management Marketplace – SMM, connects all company resources in order to share assets and stock surplus that can still be used in your business. SMM is your internal cloud-based software where all your employees participate in the internal “circular” network. Create ads, identify the role of users and better manage your private marketplace.

    Does your company want to get rid of assets or materials no longer useful to the business? With SSM you can create your own internal network and check if your assets can still be useful internally in different departments, generating saving opportunities that you would never have considered.

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    Sfridoo® Surplus Management: your white-label business software

    The Sfridoo® Surplus Management software is hosted on a secure cloud server. Access to the system guarantees a configurable hierarchy of permissions which allows you to give different access to modules and specific functions to different users.

    Cloud technology to host all company assets information, even on an international basis

    Available on all devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones

    Geo-localization of company assets in local units and company warehouses

    Barcode and QRcode for identification of each existing asset

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    Sfridoo® Marketplace: a public network at your disposal

    Would you like to turn into value your company’s surplus stock and assets that have no longer been used? Do not dispose of them. Thanks to the network of more than 200 companies, institutions, associations and cooperatives, Sfridoo manages the public platform Sfridoo® Marketplace where you can share those assets and surpluses’ stock, no longer useful to your business, but essential for other organizations.

      Share the assets, no longer used, in Sfridoo® Marketplace network and in 1 click make your ad public in a network of companies

      Manage assets’ sales or ask help for our staff to proceed with negotiations

      Donate assets within a network of organizations, associations and non-profit organizations through a dedicated internal channel

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    Case study - Sharing of company cranes

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    Turn into value your company's assets with a private system and a network of virtuous companies

    With Sfridoo® today you can monitor your company's assets and surplus stock, with economic and environmental benefits, towards a CSR of value. Your company, with Sfridoo, becomes part of the Circular Economy.

    The Circular Economy for your Business

    Sfridoo helps companies to take the first step towards a circular economy, thanks to a targeted corporate consulting service, achieving sustainable results for the environment and for the company. We provide a high-value eco-innovative service.